A new direction

A new direction

I’ve been struggling for quite awhile to come up with a use for this space. Should I just list my books here? That seems boring, especially since I only have one published at this time. I could put all my poetry here, but I plan to publish a book at some point. I could follow the trends and try to pretend I have some magical “writing process” that makes me unique, and blog about it. I’m not feeling the whole lemming routine though. My process is simple. I write. I edit. I read. I edit some more. I read again. I probably edit some more. Eventually I let someone else read it. Then I read and edit some more and try to get someone to pay me for it. Pretty basic.

I could promote my writing here, but I’m already using Facebook and Twitter for that. There’s also Goodreads. I don’t see that as being effective anyways. I’ll do the same with events. Promoting them here doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

After much thought, I decided that I’d use this as a general blog for now. I’ll talk about writing at times, but will also discuss some of my other hobbies and interests. I might even review some books here, or invite posts from other authors. Maybe I’ll discuss some of the craziness that goes on at conventions and such. Anything goes.

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