Part of Me

Part of Me

I haven’t posted any poetry here, or anywhere else, in some time. I have written some new poems though. I’ll be putting some of them out soon in a collection I’m putting together. For now, here’s one I wrote for practice.

Part of Me
Just another poem for you to read,
Every rhyme must fill a need.
Fallen heroes, who rise once more,
Fantasies and tales of lore.
Reading can take you to another place,
Everybody needs a change of pace.
You may laugh or you may cry,
  Some may live and some may die.
  Characters for you to love or you to hate,
  Other views for you to contemplate.
  The meaning of it all is never clear,
  Take my words, take my fear.
Peer into the madness of my mind,
Read the words, see what you find.
You might not see it all the same as me,
Open minds don’t view art subjectively,
Read my words and take part of me.

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